Paulo Castellano


Last updated on The first commit of changelogfy has in early 2019.

I decided to create Changelogfy to deliver all product updates from

But I published the project in Product Hunt when he won a top 3 of the day, I really have surprised.

Changelogfy - Product Hunt

The Changelogfy grow up and now do a lot more than only delivering changelogs, we help the companies to collect feedback from customers and teammates, plan roadmap, understand the audience, and much more.

The Changelogfy is my main project right now.

In ending of 2020 I back use Twitter, and to help me understand the process, hacks, best practices of Twitter use, I created tweetgrowth.

The project is in Built In The Public mode, where I share the project Monthly Recurring Renevue and the Anual too. - [sold]

At the beginning of 2018, we sold the doctor engage and became a partner of boaconsulta, a marketplace for doctors and patients.

The mission was to build a unique product, marketplace, and full ERP (from doctor engage).

The boaconsulta is still live and was sold to group at ending of 2020 when I became a partner. - [sold]

I started Doctor Engage in early 2015 on my own, and a few months later my wife joined me and became my partner.

Doctor Engage was a software for healthcare clinics such as appointment scheduling, electronic medical record, cash flow, internal chat, and more. Everything a clinic needs to organize their day-to-day.